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Here’s what our contract templates help detail

Hours worked per week

Don’t leave hours up to chance – our contracts help ensure you receive the work hours you were promised without delay.

Out-of-pocket expenses

We make sure you’re never left on the hook for any costs you encounter during the course of your work.

Protection from unforeseen circumstances.

What happens if you become ill, get injured, or have a family emergency? With our contracts, you and the hiring company will both know what to expect.

On-time payments

If you freelance for a living, you know how important it is to get paid on time. We help you identify when and how you will get paid, and even help outline interest penalties for late payments, drastically increasing your chances of on-time payments.

Locked-in rates

You should know exactly how much you are getting paid for your work and leave nothing to negotiation once you’ve entered into an arrangement, which is exactly what we help you achieve.

And these details are just a start

We provide customized, individual contracts designed for specific industries. You’ll be able to address specific issues concerning Virtual Assistants, Social Media Consultants, Freelance Writers, Web Designers, Videographers, Graphic Designers, and Photographers.

Extremely Easy to Use Contract Templates

No longer does legal documentation have to be unnecessarily complicated. Your contract’s instructions are written in plain English that anybody can follow with ease. All of this is done without compromising the integrity of your contract, yielding a solid legal document that can be fully enforced should the need arise.

Don’t risk your income by relying on a low quality template document. Let the experts at ContractGuys help solidify your future with professional grade contacts.

What do our customers say?

Our contracts are each crafted specifically for your type of freelance work and were created by attorneys
who understand what it’s like to work in each of these creative industries.

Daniel T.

Thanks Contract Guys. Your template saved me hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees!

Veronica P.

I am a designer. I want to design. But...I learned the hard way that as a freelancer there is more to it. Your agreement gives me peace of mind and I use it with every new client.

Mindy J.

As a Virtual Assistant I never worked with a contract. Until one client didn’t want to pay for expenses I had to make on his behalf. I learned from this and now I let every client sign the VA contract before we start.

Thomas B.

Nice work guys. I am not the type of guy that has everything in order 'legal wise' but from now on I'll always use your template with clients.

Why The Contract Guys?

We aim to provide a different approach to contract solutions. Created by three attorneys that represent the largest companies in the
creative industry, we have a unique perspective that allows us to provide the highest quality, most solid contract templates available.

Freelancers rarely have equal access to legal services in comparison to the big-name law firms that corporations typically hire. We’re here to turn the tables by providing carefully crafted legal documents that contractually protect your own interests – while still leaving you free to focus on the creative work you do best.

Our instantly downloadable contracts are affordable in order to provide protection for freelancers from all walks of life. We’ll help you ensure you get paid what you deserve, enter into fair Intellectual Property terms, and know exactly what to expect as you begin work.