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Get the protection of a professionally drafted legal contract specifically designed for Virtual Assistants.

If you work as a Virtual Assistant without the protection of a contact, you’re leaving the terms of your arrangement up to chance. Without a signed arrangement, it’s easy to encounter problems concerning how and when you get paid and ownership of the work you’ve performed.

We’re a team of three attorneys that have the experience necessary to provide legal protection for freelance Virtual Assistants. We help cover all aspects of your working arrangements, including:

  • Solid definition of your payment terms. Know exactly how much you’ll get paid, when and how you’ll receive payment, and what additional fees will or will not be covered. Get paid on time from now on with clearly defined invoicing policies.
  • Easily modifiable terms for different jobs. If the scope of your work or overall arrangement changes from one client to the next, you no longer have to pay an attorney to modify your agreement. Our plain English instructions allow you to easily update your contract terms in minutes.
  • Clear job descriptions. Outline the terms of your arrangement on paper before you begin a job so there are no surprises down the road. We provide plenty of room to be as detailed as you wish about what tasks you are and are not to do.
  • Guarantee your hours. If you want to know how much work you’ll have ahead of time, this is the contract for you. Our contracts help you agree on a weekly block of hours, and ensure you are paid for any additional work that is performed beyond that amount.


Finally, a Contract Made for Virtual Assistants

There are a lot of general category contract templates available, but they aren’t designed with the needs of a Virtual Assistant in mind. We understand the unique challenges you face in this line of work and help you overcome those with a solid contractual foundation.

Beyond protecting the freelancer, our contracts are designed to be fair and reasonable, so you will have little problem presenting this contract to the hiring company. It’s a reasonable document that ensures both parties enjoy a smooth working arrangement.

Don’t Take Chances

One foiled arrangement can cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. Protect yourself by using the best Virtual Assistant contract available.