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Freelance Illustration Contract Template

Yes! I Want My Protection

In the Freelance Illustration Contract we cover all the contract standards like Terms & Conditions. Moreover we handle everything that's important for a Freelance Illustrator:
  • Built-In Delays Defined

    Don’t be blamed for late work or missed deadlines. We’ve included a provision so that when your client hasn’t provided you with all your requested information – you aren’t dinged for it.

  • Acceptance Period Defined

    Have you ever been surprised when six months after you’ve completed a client project he/she wants revisions? For free? We define a time period that the client has to decide if they accept your work or not after submission. This ensures you get paid for any work requested after the acceptance period,

  • Who Owns Your Work?

    We help you define who owns your work – you or your client. If you decide you want to keep the rights to your illustrations we designed a clause for that too.

  • Get the Credit You Deserve

    We give you the option to either release all rights to your illustrations, or, be more definitive of rights of use – specific number of illustrations to be used, medium allowed, geographical area, time period, and number of uses – that way you get paid for all uses of your work.

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“As a Freelance Illustrator you need a bulletproof contract template.”

Avoid the Pitfalls of Freelancing Without a Contract…

Many Freelancers go solo. Take yourself for example. You wouldn’t be here if you had a contract right? Maybe you felt “it’s been easier this way”. Or feel that once a client finds out a contract is involved, that he/she simply won’t want the hassle and hire someone else.

But something brought you here. Maybe you had a client that didn’t accept your work and refused to pay your final balance. Maybe you’ve worked countless hours on a project. Only your client wanted you to work just a few hours and refuses to pay your bill. Or maybe your just plain sick of dealing with all the mishaps that occur. Mishaps that could have been avoided had you had a document that defined the scope of your work between you and your client.

Well, we here at The Contract Guys ‘got your back’. We are attorneys who understand the unique needs of Freelancers and designed a Freelance Illustrator Contact with you in mind.

With our easy fill-in-the-blanks contract, we’ll give you the peace of mind you need so that we can free up your time to work on what you do best – the creative process of being a Freelance Illustrator.

I like the fact that this contract is fair to both me and the client. I’ve used the template with 2 clients so far and they both had no problems signing the contract.

Jeffrey P.

Freelance Illustrator

This really happened to me: For a new client I made a super nice mock up that was rejected. The client told me he wanted to go for another designer because he ‘didn’t like my style’. A few weeks later I saw my mock up being turned into a beautiful website. Learned the merits of a contract the hard way!

Benny J.

Web Designer

Order your freelance illustrator contract template now – and free up your brain from client entanglements, so you can focus on your creative process.

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