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Freelance Graphic Design Contract Template

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Here’s a few hightlights of what's covered with The Contract Guys Freelance Graphic Design Contract Template:
  • Acceptance Period

    We’ve designated a timeframe for your client to accept/reject your work. This prevents your client from asking for revisions six months after the fact.

  • Milestone Payments

    Want to get paid on a regular basis throughout your project? Then create specific due dates when you reach a milestone and get paid for it – for example when you deliver a rough draft, a prototype, or a mock-up.

  • Ownership

    We help you define the scope of the work in terms of who has rights to what parts of the project. We inserted provisions for any work you created prior to working on the client’s project as yours even if you use the design as part of the client’s project.

  • Change in Scope of Work

    Don’t leave money on the table or get dinged for late work. We’ve built in additional payments and extended deadlines for when the client changes the project.

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“This is Why You Need a Contract as Freelance Graphic Designer”

Is Your Graphic Design Work at Risk?

As a freelance graphic design artist you invest a lot of time into your work. You’re good – your clients know it, it’s why you get repeat business.

But did you know that they could be robbing you blind – and you wouldn’t have any recourse? I know you may think this wouldn’t happen to you. After all they must be kosher if they’re repeat clients.

But they could be stealing your design work and you wouldn’t even know it. Maybe you agreed they would use it on a single website – but they’re using it on 10 different websites…which you didn’t receive payment for.

Rather than worry about this why don’t you sign an agreement that lays out the specifics of your work? Like a contract?

We here at The Contract Guys are attorneys who crafted a worry-free graphic design contract template with you in mind. We understand the unique needs of your work and want you to get back to doing what you do best – graphic designing – and leave the legal mumbo jumbo to us. Doing web design work as well? Have a look at our web design contract.

Piece of mind, that’s what the graphic design contract gives me. Hopefully I will never have to go head to head with a client but I know I’m protected by a good contract in case it does happen.

Deedra K.

Graphic Designer

This really happened to me: For a new client I made a super nice mock up that was rejected. The client told me he wanted to go for another designer because he ‘didn’t like my style’. A few weeks later I saw my mock up being turned into a beautiful website. Learned the merits of a contract the hard way!

Benny J.

Web Designer

For all your hard graphic design work – you deserve to be protected from all risks to your business.

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