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Freelance Writing Contract Template

Yes! I Want My Protection

We got your back with the Freelance Writer Contract. In addition to the necessary basic terms and conditions, fees, and payment clauses we've covered:
  • Get Paid for ALL of Your Work

    We’ve created an acceptance deadline after submission of your work. That way if additional revisions are needed you’ll get paid for them.

  • Want to get Paid on a Regular Schedule?

    We included milestone payments so you can create deadlines for things like – outlines, rough drafts, and reports – to keep your project on track and continued payments coming your way.

  • Eliminate Surprises

    We define the scope of your work with your client so that any requests made outside of this scope will have to be added onto the contract.

  • Kill Fee

    We wanted to ensure you get paid if your client cancels the project. Should cancellation happen – you keep a percentage of what’s agreed upon in the contract.

  • Who Owns What?

    You work hard for your client so we help you define at the outset who owns all rights to your work – and we left a provision for royalty fees.

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“This is why you need a Freelance Writer Contract…”

Because it protects you from the pitfalls of just winging it.

Flying solo with your clients can leave you at risk for wasted hours working on a project without being paid for it.

Don’t let your client define your relationship.

With our water-tight Freelance Writer Contract you’ll get the peace-of-mind you need to do what you do best…Creative Writing.

Our contract was crafted with you the writer in mind and your particular needs specific to your writing.

We here at The Contract Guys are attorneys who understand the unique needs of Freelancers. We created a fill-in-the-blanks template so that you can quickly and easily complete your contract. And we created one that allows you the flexibility to make changes quickly.

The Check’s in the Mail

We defined invoicing deadlines – you just fill in the dates. You no longer need to worry about whether the check really is in the mail.

As a writer you need protection for your work. Being a freelance copywriter for over two decades I walked into several situations where I could have used a bulletproof contract. Such a shame I didn’t find you earlier, but happy to have found you now. 🙂

Morten S.


This really happened to me: For a new client I made a super nice mock up that was rejected. The client told me he wanted to go for another designer because he ‘didn’t like my style’. A few weeks later I saw my mock up being turned into a beautiful website. Learned the merits of a contract the hard way!

Benny J.

Web Designer

Order your contract template now – and sleep soundly knowing you’re getting the protection you need and deserve.

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