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Freelance Videographer Contract Template

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Of course we cover all the basics in all our contracts to keep your protected. You'll also need provisions especially for you, the Videographer. A few hightlights of what's included in the Freelance Videographer Contract:
  • Scope of Work Defined

    We include all details of your work to be performed for your client. Protect yourself from the he said/she said mentality of what you were supposed to film.

  • Cost of Raw Footage Storage & Transfer

    Get paid for the storage fees and cost of transfer for your client’s raw footage. Items that are easily not considered when you don’t have a contract.

  • Rights to Material

    It’s important to define who owns what. We include the specifics here of final edited product, pre-production work, post-production “as-is” material.

  • Format/Medium/Work-Tasks ‘Oh My!’

    It’s important that you determine for the client what format your filming will be in; 720 HD/SD, what type of device it will display on. The medium in which it will be delivered; DVD, HD DVD, Digital. And work/tasks; scouting of location, what specific shots to take during filming, editing or color correction. This way they’ll be no disputes later about what was agreed upon.

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“Here's why you need a Freelance Videographer Contract…”

Get the protection you need and deserve as a Freelance Videographer…

You are a Freelance Videographer and as a ‘creative type’ you don’t have time to deal with the business side of things necessarily…like contracts.

But you put your livelihood at risk if you’re flying solo.

When it comes to videography – there’s nothing more important than ensuring you get it right for your client. If you freelance for marketing agencies it’s likely they come to expect it. Or maybe they even offer you their contract. But if you go with theirs then you’re handing over your complete control to the agency.

Or maybe you freelance for families. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Bashes – your client is counting on you to do it right. And if you don’t – you put your livelihood at risk for lawsuits.

Your client has a higher expectation of you than other gigs like writing or design work. You’re dealing with family here – powerful emotions. And nothing hits closer to home than if you mess up their big day by not getting it perfectly on film.

We here at The Contract Guys are attorneys who crafted solid legal contracts with your unique needs as a Freelance Videographer in mind.

Thanks a bunch guys! I needed something custom and was really happy to save a lot of money in comparison with the usual stellar rates lawyers usually work for.

Peter M.

Professional videographer

This really happened to me: For a new client I made a super nice mock up that was rejected. The client told me he wanted to go for another designer because he ‘didn’t like my style’. A few weeks later I saw my mock up being turned into a beautiful website. Learned the merits of a contract the hard way!

Benny J.

Web Designer

For all your hard work crafting videos – you deserve to be protected from all risks to your business.

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